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Shelly Purdy for Maple Leaf Diamonds™

The Maple Leaf Diamonds™ Seasons Collection, designed exclusively by Shelly Purdy, celebrates Canada with the awakening, delicate buds of Spring, sparkling Summer lakes, Autumn's earthy forest trails, and the beauty of Winter's gently falling snow. Canada's ever-changing landscape is the backdrop of the Canadian woman's life. Which collection speaks to you?

Each Maple Leaf Diamond™ of 0.30ct or more:
• includes a certificate of origin guaranteeing the diamond was mined in Canada, is natural and untreated
• comes with a Maple Leaf Diamond™ certificate of origin guaranteeing compliance with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct
• is set in Canadian Certified Gold that is mined and refined in Canada
• includes a designer’s inspiration message from Shelly Purdy
To identify your unique stone, Maple Leaf Diamonds™ laser-inscribes your diamond with a tracking number and Maple Leaf Diamond™ insignia to ensure quality and authenticity.


Spring Collection

Summer Collection

Autumn Collection

Winter Collection