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By the long, winding rivers of Quebec, the elegant Blue Flag Iris grows in vibrant clusters attracting much admiration with its exotic, frilly petals. The charming nature of this flower represents power in having courage, wisdom and faith. This collection consists of a Blue Flag Iris Pendant, layering Blue Flag Iris Bracelet, Blue Flag Iris Earrings, and a Blue Flag Iris Necklace. Shine bright and proud!

"It’s always a thrill to find a national flower in the rich Canadian wilderness. Spotting these exquisite treasures inspired the nature lover in me to create this beautifully detailed Provincial and Territorial Flowers Jewellery Collection for Maple Leaf Diamonds™."

~ Shelly Purdy

Each item from the Maple Leaf Diamonds™ Canadian Flowers Collection, designed exclusively by Shelly Purdy, includes certificates of origin and will ship approximately 3-4 weeks after full payment of your order. You will receive confirmation of shipment when your jewellery is sent. For your convenience, personalized changes and special orders are available by request and may incur an extra charge. Please contact us if you would like personal service.