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The Seasons Collection inspired by Canada!

June 26, 2015

Maple Leaf Diamonds™ celebrates Canada Day with the Seasons Collection by award-winning Canadian jewellery designer Shelly Purdy

The Seasons Collection is inspired by the ever-changing nature of the Canadian landscape. From the awakening delicate buds of Spring and sparkling Summer lakes to the earthy Autumn forest trails and the beauty of Winter’s gently falling snow–the Season’s collection embodies the true Canadian spirit just in time for Canada Day!

“Our country is a beautiful tapestry of different cultures and landscapes and the Seasons collection is a tribute to Canada  designed specifically for Canadian women, featuring a variety of different styles representing the changing seasons,” says Shelly of Shelly Purdy Studio. “More importantly, it’s now part of the renowned Maple Leaf Diamonds™ product line, which has long been recognized for its exceptional quality and ethically sourced Canadian diamonds and Canadian gold.  This collection has a truly Canadian story that distinguishes it from any other jewellery.”

Spring, with its “secret diamond” has a modern vintage look with water lily petals representing love’s renewal. Summer is a fiery combination of rose and white gold with diamonds entwined in an enchanted garden to infuse passion. Autumn’s rose gold leaves are warm and accentuate the two-tone detail of the Canadian diamond halo. The Winter ring is fun and playful with a diamond snowflake halo and matching snowball band set in icy white gold.”

The Seasons collection marks Maple Leaf Diamonds’ 14th year as a leader in branded Canadian Diamonds, which includes a wide range of products from luxury engagement rings to fashion forward accent jewellery. Seasons is Shelly’s follow up collection to “The Royals”, her highly regarded line of jewellery inspired by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Maple Leaf Diamonds™ brand was launched in 2001 and is showcasing Canadian designed jewellery set with Canadian Diamonds and Canadian certified Gold. The Diamonds are mined from the Ekati™ and Diavik mines located in the breathtaking Northwest Territories. These superb stones are among the highest quality found anywhere in the world. Each diamond is laser engraved with a tracking number, the CanadaMark™ symbol and the Maple Leaf insignia. This allows each stone to be traced from the mine, through all of the stages of the manufacturing process, and ensures that the diamond is certified to be of Canadian origin. Every Maple Leaf Diamond also comes with an individual Certificate of Origin bearing its unique tracking number.

The Seasons Collection is now available across Canada in select retailers proudly featuring Maple Leaf Diamonds. Please visit for the nearest dealer.

Shelly Purdy
Shelly Purdy