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Made for you!

October 23, 2013

These rings were created for a couple who are so passionate that making them was a pleasure knowing how excited they would be but I was blown away when he opened the box and got so overwhelmed by emotion that he teared up!  So touching as he walked up to the goldsmiths and showed them how beautiful his fiancee’s ring was and pointed out the hand-engraved detail.

Collaborating  to design a custom piece is a lot of fun….not like the EdgeWalk kind of fun, more like a Saturday morning at your favourite indie cafe kind of fun.  Relaxed, with no pressure.  We can start with a definite design concept or browse the box of stones with the idea that anything is possible.  Often the perfect piece is finished in the showcase and it’s love at first sight.  Either way, the process of  having an hour to brainstorm together makes the final reveal so exhilarating that it’s better than the EdgeWalk and a memory that will last forever.

Shelly Purdy
Shelly Purdy