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Altruistic by Nature

May 29, 2012

…Besides her Royals Collection, Purdy is noted for her own personal favourite designs: “Achievement Rings.”

“I designed and developed these rings for women who used to come to see my jewellery at shows and look at my signature wedding bands and engagement rings and say, ‘When I find a man, I’m coming back here to get a ring,’” she says. “So I got to thinking that these women were accomplished and deserved a ring on their own terms. Jewellery is very emotional and symbolizes a lot of things for us, so the idea of having an achievement ring to stand as a trophy was my inspiration for these. You can stack these rings as precious trophies to celebrate your own accomplishments. I love that collection.”

Story by Bonnie Siegler.

Shelly Purdy
Shelly Purdy